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About Us

Elmhaven Consulting was founded in 2021 by Eliza Spencer, and has since supported multiple projects across Federal agencies and non-profits. Whether running a major conference or uncovering an agency's mission and vision, our goal is to provide expertise, leadership, strategy, and everything in between to ensure our clients' success.


Our company name is derived from our founder's family farm in Vermont, Elmhaven Farm. The story goes that the land was abundant with beautiful elm trees, which inspired the entrepreneurial Spencer family.

Meet the Team


Eliza Spencer

Innovator. Strategist. Program Creator.

Chief Cuteness Officer


World Traveler. Joy Creator. Lover of Life.
Bringing cuteness to the world since 2019.

IG: @BixbyofArlington

"If you're looking for a proven project manager with a stellar track record of exceeding clients' expectations, Eliza is your person."
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